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We adhere fully to the Consumer Code issued by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, 206, under art. 7 of the enabling act July 29, No 229 on the rehabilitation of the existing provisions on consumer protection which includes most of the provisions adopted by the European Union over the past twenty-five years for consumer protection. For obligations arising from participation in these EU rules have been implemented also by the Italian State.

Beyond the law, we are interested in an ongoing relationship with each of our customers, which we guarantee maximum attention to every need and complete willingness to solve any problems.

Here is an excerpt from the aforementioned Consumer Code concerning the right of withdrawal.

Section 64 - Exercise of right of withdrawal
1. For contracts and contract proposals for distance or negotiated away from business premises, the consumer has the right to cancel the contract without penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days, except as provided for in Article 65, paragraph 3 , 4 and 5.
2. The withdrawal right is exercised by sending, within the time provided in paragraph 1, of a written communication to the place of business by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The notice may be sent within the same period, by telegram, telex, electronic mail and fax, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours later, the recommended means dispatched in a timely if delivered accepting the post office within the time prescribed by the contract or, if different. The acknowledgment is not ', however, essential to try to exercise the right of withdrawal.
3. If expressly provided for in the tender or in information concerning the right of withdrawal, instead of a separate communication and 'sufficient return within the period referred to in paragraph 1, of the goods.

Article 67 - Additional obligations of the parties
1. If the goods have been delivered to the consumer and 'obliged to return or make them available to the professional or the person designated by him in the manner and timing of the contract. The deadline for returning the item may not be less than ten working days from the date of receipt. For the purposes of expiry of the merchandise you intend to return when the post office or is delivered to the shipper.
2. To contracts for the sale of assets, where there has been delivery of the goods, the substantial integrity of the property to be returned, 'an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal. It 'still good enough that the property is returned in normal condition, as it has been kept and possibly used with the use of reasonable diligence.
3. The only charges owed by the consumer for the right of withdrawal pursuant to this article is the direct cost of returning the property to the sender, where expressly authorized by the contract.
4. If the right of withdrawal and 'exercised by the consumer pursuant to the provisions of this section, the professional and' obliged to repay the sums paid by the consumer, including sums paid as a deposit. The reimbursement should be free, in the shortest time possible and in any case within thirty days from the date on which the professional and 'learned exercise the right of withdrawal by the consumer. The amounts reimbursed under the terms mean when they are actually returned, shipped or credited with currency not later than the deadline stated above.
5. Finally, if the payment was made by means of promissory notes, if they have not yet submitted to the collection, must proceed to their return. And 'nothing any clause providing for limitations on reimbursement to the consumer of the amounts paid as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal.
6. If the price of a commodity or service, subject to a contract under this title, either completely or partly covered by credit granted to consumers by the professional or third parties under an agreement between them and the professional, the contract of credit is canceled, without penalty, if the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of this Article. E 'made to the professional obligation to inform the credit grantor the third place right of withdrawal by the consumer. Any amounts paid by the third which gave the credit to the payment of goods or services until it has knowledge of the future right of withdrawal by the consumer shall be refunded to the third by the professional, without penalty, subject the payment of statutory interest accrued. The article 63 of this Decree on Jurisdiction stipulates that "In civil disputes concerning the application of this Chapter, the territorial imperative and' the court of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located in the State.