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This writer is the creator of the "Il Ghiottone" shop where you can find the best products handmade in Naples, Campania and southern Italy. DOP buffalo mozzarella, mozzarella cow (the famous mozzarella!), caciocavalli, scamorze, cheeses, rustic pizzas, tortani, croissants smoked cow's milk, bagels, pastries, puffs and rich shortbread or rustic sausages and friarielli, baba ( also immersed in the rum in Limoncello or chocolate liquor), wine (Aglianico, Falanghina, Greek Tufo, Piedirosso, Arts and Gragnano and many others), liqueurs like limoncello, wild strawberries, Mandarin and Nurchetto... everything is meticulously craft!

The idea of the "Il Ghiottone" comes from a family passion that goes back to my grandparents, who were famous in the area behind the famous Piazza del Plebiscito (the beautiful Via Monte di Dio) with their food, even then known quality of products offered to the noble guest area.

Today this love of good food who lives in me, Francesco, and has been interpreted in a modern, overlooking the fantastic world of the Web my inexhaustible source of information is my septuagenarian father, who has dedicated his entire life in this area. Do not miss the moral and material support of my family and my wife, and then experienced Apulian origin of the products of his land.

Needless to dwell in the description and eulogy than offered on the site, which might seem only "talk" a good seller. I'm only invited to enjoy our carefully selected specialty remembering that the engine of the "Il Ghiottone" is the culture of good food and things done well and accurately.

Our service and our support before, during transport, and reception of products will be the best we can offer, because our theory is that it is important to buy today, but customer loyalty for future.

You are invited to contact us in the meeting on their website or call or write to chat, to dispel any doubts or questions that you want to ask.