Q: How can I contact you?

A: Please write to info@ilghiottone.eu

Q: What made the day for shipments to Europe?

A: Monday and Tuesday by appointment 24 hours before the dairy and the first 48 hours of food products and confectionery

Q: How are the products packaged?

A: The products are packed in accordance with local laws on food hygiene, and are placed in special polystyrene suitable for transporting food. Everything is packed and protected with plastic shrink tape header that prevents unauthorized opening of packages. A special material inside the pack acts as a coolant for products that require controlled temperatures.

Q: What is the transport carriers?

A: Our carriers are UPS and TNT. Choose the one according to our long experience is the most efficient area of residence of the customer.

Q: How do I ensure my shipment in case of theft of the same?

A: Your shipment is always automatically insured.

Q: What happens if the package is damaged or for problems caused by the courier or force majeure, the shipment undergoes a significant delay that affects the quality of products?

A: In these cases we will always and only to cover any damage, or a refund or return the order. Please, if obviously damaged package, to do this by signing the carrier subject.

Q: What happens if the address that I specified are absent when the courier tried to deliver the package?

A: The handover will take place the next day for another 2 times, but in this case, any deterioration of quality of products we will not be refunded.

Q: How can I get an invoice?

A: The invoice will be automatically attached to each shipment

Q: How do I know that the storage of products?

A: You'll find in any package a smile brochure when you can know the storage of products!